GSE has completed over 1,100 high-fidelity, high-definition simulator projects in plants around the world.

Not all simulators are created equal.

GSE is the most experienced simulation company in the world. Since building the first commercial full-scope nuclear reactor simulator in 1971, we have delivered more full-scope simulators than all of our competitors combined, with installations in over 35 countries.

Our fossil fueled simulators include a wide variety of plant configurations from boiler-turbine to gas fired combined cycle to complex cogeneration units. Our simulation applications go beyond training to provide deeper understanding of plant design issues, procedural deficiencies and reliability improvements.

With a large staff dedicated to power plant simulation, we bring the size, expertise, management skills, and experience to assure that every project is done right, on time and within budget.

We have built power plant simulators under the corporate names of Singer-Link, S3 Technologies, General Physics International, EuroSim, GSE Systems, and now GSE Solutions. While our name has changed, our commitment to quality and service for our customers has remained steadfast.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Updates and upgrades for regulations and lifecycle of the plant using the most accurate and highest-fidelity of modeling on the market.

Platforms & Tools

Unparalleled accuracy and detail enable our simulators to be used to test engineering changes, control system design and strategies and perform human factors engineering prior to plant commissioning.

New Build Simulators

GSE’s combination of simulation technology and expert engineering has been chosen to build simulators for first-of-a-kind plant designs including the AP1000, PBMR, NuScale, and mPower plants. Our designs range from universal to fully customized.