Thermal Performance Analysts

Our staff brings significant engineering and plant experience to bear on our complete suite of services and complimenting products. We are uniquely qualified to ensure a power plant’s total ability to produce energy reliably and efficiently. To enhance that expertise, our staff stays actively involved in industry committees and initiatives, leads numerous OM Code committees, and is proactive in gaining technology and experience-based advancements.

  • Thermal Performance Modeling
  • Power Calculation Evaluation
  • Secondary Valve Leakage (CIM)
  • MWe Improvement Recommendations
  • Turbine Cycle / Megawatt Loss Evaluations
  • Life Cycle Studies (Major Components)
  • Major Component Warranty Validations
  • Develop/Enhance On-line Monitoring Capability
  • Plant Testing Services

As part of GSE Solutions group, GSE TrueNorth supports operational excellence in the power industry. They  leverage decades of specialized expertise in thermal performance and engineering programs that refine and update systems, to optimize performance and safety.